Construction progress at Raeburn Place

7 March 2019

Anyone passing Raeburn Place in the past few months will have seen a lot of construction activity taking place. However, most of the results are hidden underground as the contractors have been focusing on installing the first section of piles for the build.

In total the project requires about 700 piles, with 350 along Comely Bank Road and another 350 for the Portgower Place section. The final few in the first 350 tranche were installed yesterday and the piling rig has now moved across to the Portgower Place side of the site.

As part of the site's commitment to considerate construction, continuous flight auger piling was chosen as the preferred method for these installations. We are pleased with what a relatively quiet process this this has proven to be.

Work along the Comely Bank Road frontage is now focused on capping the 350 piles. This will be followed by the installation of the necessary drainage. We anticipate the steel work should be on site early in April and we will then start to see significant progress above ground.