Time for Scotland to reclaim the Raeburn Shield?

7 March 2019

When Scotland play Wales tomorrow there is more at stake than just the 6 Nations. Wales are the current holders of the Raeburn Shield, a proposed challenge cup that would date back to the first international. As the first winners of an international rugby match, Scotland's would be the first name on this trophy. It is currently 'held' by Wales, who took it off England last weekend, so Scotland now have the opportunity to regain it this weekend.

The trophy is named the Raeburn Shield in recognition of the first international being played at Raeburn Place on 27 March 1871. That game was organised by the Edinburgh Academical Football Club and the story of the match will form the centre of our Museum of International Rugby.

For more information about the first international, please click here.

For more information about the Raeburn Shield, please click here.